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Since each xbtz16 contract is worth 1 USD, you must sell 12,000 contracts. Sell Swap Mechanics This is referred to as a curve steepener. Xbtz15 December 2015 has 90 days until expiry,.25 years. The basis. You have earned the 2,000 as predicted earlier.

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These trading strategies will use the BitMEX 25x leveraged XBT series futures contracts. This post is meant to provide a step by step instruction on how to earn this basis using Bitcoin and BitMEX Bitcoin futures contracts. Margin, the margin considerations are the same as with the previous trading strategy. All those who went short basis to collect the B2X dividend would rush to unwind their trades at the same time. FV P * (1 r * t). The funding rate is negative) exceed the basis income from buying the futures contract you lose money. Floating interest rate trade. The NYA headed off a chain split due to uasf, but Bitcoin Cash was launched as a direct result. This interest or basis compensates them for counterparty risk and the opportunity cost of capital. This is referred to as a curve flattener.

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