Forex fractal strategy

forex fractal strategy

first time mentioned in the well-known «Trading chaos» by Bill Williams. Sometimes the expectation of the moment when the correct fractal is created, leads to the omission of the good point of entry. Trading with fractals is extensively used by the large market players and it is the best indicator of the fractals reliability. If the candle design represents the pivoting model, then with a high probability it is possible to expect the emergence of the return fractal and transition in flat.

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The fractal represents the beginning (or the end) of some pulse movement and, therefore, it can quite be considered as a wave structure. We trade all major currency and future assets: for the analysis and an entrance - M15, for maintenance from H1 above (for futures - from D1 above). Strategy Alligator Fractal, regular Fractals and Alligator indicators with standard settings are necessary for using this strategy. It is necessary to understand that the fractals trade strategies were initially developed for the stock market which was less volatile and more predicted. A fractal up (or a signal to enter to buy) is the set in indian rupee convert to canadian dollar which (at least) 5 consecutive bars form a pattern, wh ere the highest maximum is shown by an average candle. If there is a fractal up it is a sale, in case of the lower fractal there is a purchase. We will offer two popular trading strategies on its basis. The period for the analysis and entry. It can vary depending on quantity and structure. Unusual market situations arising in Forex often cause failure in calculation of fractals construction, and also emergence of false or difficult for recognition signals.

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