Firex smoke alarm replacement g-6

firex smoke alarm replacement g-6

incorporates the internationally recognized horn sig- nal for evacuation. Model PG40 and GC smoke alarms can be interconnected with as many as 11 other specific model smoke alarms (Model G-6, as many as 5). Item 5000 features a latching LED which blinks the initiating alarm's red. 120V AC, ionization, smoke Alarm, the ionization type alarms are generally more effective at detect- ing fast, flaming fires that consume combustible materials rapid- ly and spread quickly. Test button checks smoke alarm operation and activates False Alarm. DO NOT use exter- nal bug screens or alarm guards. This is true even if they were once single family homes.

Observe and follow all local and national electrical and building codes for installation. Smoke Alarm smoke alarm features model fadc please read AND save this manual Installer: Please leave this manual with the product. Sources of these fires may include cigarettes burning in couches or bedding. Green and red LED indicator(s) show when the smoke alarm is receiving. Unique power connector prevents interconnection with incompatible smoke alarms or security systems. Share your knowledge of this product. This may cause improper operation. Important safety information please, rEAD AND save these instructions!

The smoke alarm will sound a short beep about once a minute if the bat- tery is weak or improperly connected. Be the first to write a review ยป.