I need a serious work from home job

i need a serious work from home job

you never miss a single opportunity. Some other people I met had pessimistic filters. They were off bounding away somewhere having fun.

You wanted to be the same as everyone else (or at least, they wanted you to be the same). The world misses out. Same thing with a new social scene. Its worth doing a bit of introspection on this occasionally. If you screwed a particular filter onto a camera the world would be seen very differently. Dont underestimate how possible it is for you to be a true catalyst for change. You have shit on your glasses. Or they assume it will be incredibly difficult and painful, and they cant do it without suffering forever.

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Image sourced from: I cant tell you how many times in my life Ive walked away from a problem or difficult situation and reset my energy, only to find the answers and solutions showing up in that relaxed place. Practice this enough and the law of attraction will be bloomin well forced to deliver the dream. You will never get out of it alive. For instance, if you parachute out of a plane and the pull chord gets stuck, its NOT time to start pondering on what to have for dinner that evening. The best things in life make you sweaty. Is that affirmation believable?

Your problems do not matter While its true you are an amazing being with the power to change the world  your life is also miniscule and your problems meaningless. Nobody knew who he was or how hed got there. All affirmations and self-suggestions, in order to work really well, should be flavoured with identity in other words, they should always reflect who you are as a person. WHY it works exactly, is a different story.