Vb6 option compare binary

vb6 option compare binary

behavior to Visual Basic. . A T client was calling two methods on a VB6 COM component. . The reason I prefer this to changing / setting option compare is that someone looking at the code doesn't have to go hunting to see what option compare is set to to understand how it's going to behave BUT it's almost certainly slower (not significantly. If used, the Option Compare statement must appear in a file before any other source code statements. ' Option Compare Text Console.

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However it is never getting into the if statement even though the contents of each look the same. If you use the command-line compiler, the setting specified by the /optioncompare compiler option is used. Technically, with this option, string comparisons are performed using sort order of the binary representations of each character. For example, with the guid I'd take the first digit in the third cluster (2) and multiply it by its position (12) to get the number. ' Option Compare Binary Console. Re-importing the type library would fix this problem, but using binary compatibility prevents you from having to do this each time you recompile. Consume the Interop assembly in managed code. How did I know that? The program worked fine when running standalone. . And if you don't want any of your guids to change when your assembly version number changes, you can use the ComCompatibleVersionAttribute (introduced.1) to plug in a different version number as input to the guid-generation algorithm. . A Text comparison compares each Unicode character based on its lexical meaning in the current culture.

vb6 option compare binary

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