Rsi 2 trading strategy

rsi 2 trading strategy

of the audience, I have tested the strategy using a position size of 2,000, with a 500 stop loss per trade. This simple strategy is based upon one of the most common technical indicators, the Relative Strength Index. Crude Oil is a futures market. Sell Short on the close.

RSI Trading Strategy Game - Invest Excel M: Customer reviews: The 2-Period RSI Pullback

rsi 2 trading strategy

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This column simply contains the gain/loss value based on the close price from column. Its not a realistic trading strategy no transaction costs or other factors are included the VBA demonstrates how you might code a simple backtesting algorithm feel free to enhance it, tear it apart forex guam tracking or just plain geek out. You also get a plot of the close price, RSI and the buy/sell points. Download Excel Spreadsheet to Backtest an RSI Trading Strategy. You simply must keep the short side as part of the arsenal. However, any positive integer value can be used, with higher values generally considered to be providing stronger but slower signals.

rsi 2 trading strategy

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