Vegas forex system

vegas forex system

this leads to a losing trade, then we must wait for the market to come back to the tunnel and start over. Strategia wykorzystuje nastpujce wskaniki:. You therefore must not initiate a new position with appropriate stop until you get a signal at the. However it has been noted that in the case of euro it will only deviate from the 55 SMA out 233 pips away before it has to retrace. There are some rare spillage exceptions but this is a rule of thumb. It uses a 55 SMA as its core.

One can never cease to be amazed on how tough, extremely intelligent and ruthless most business people behave in Las Vegas. It needs no stops, no filters nothing. In the picture, vegas Tunnel Trading System in action. We want the market to exhaust itself before we enter. For pound and others the 3 fibo numbers used are 144, 233 and 377. Now we left the tunnel going long with say 4 lots. Only few percentages of traders come back with profit.

Because this is a model its not a complete system but with your help i think there is room for improvement to what already is so far as i can tell a profitable system. The material published on this page is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as the provision of investment advice for the purposes of Directive 2004/39/EC. You could end up taking profit too early or, you may not take profit at all because of loftier expectations. If it closes above we go long, a close below we go short. Now this is the clever part that makes nearly ALL moving average systems fail.

I seen a thousand other filters can be used BUT anything you use will result is a delay and can miss major moves. 6) Just as in the Vegas Currency Daily, I have no problem for those who wish to adjust the last 50 of their position to something else. 4) The last 50 of position is held until we get opposite signal on the other side of the tunnel at about the second fib level.