Terminologies used in forex trading

terminologies used in forex trading

and highest trading prices. After one minute, the candle work from home photo editing jobs will finish forming and then a new candle starts to form. Ascending Triangle The Ascending triangle graphical price pattern is a chart pattern of an existing trend continuation, which is usually formed in an uptrend and confirms its further direction. In CFD trading, the Ask also represents the price at which a trader can buy the product. The Ask price is also known as the Offer. P Pair A financial instrument, which shows the value of one currency unit in terms of another.

terminologies used in forex trading

Forex terminology that you will encounter on your trading journey. Before trading currencies, an investor has to understand the basic terminology of the forex market, including how to interpret forex"s and calculations. Straight Through Processing (STP) Broker Pepperstone is an STP broker to provide clients with direct access to other participants in the currency market by consolidating price"tions. Use our forex glossary to get adjusted to the common words, phrases and terms used by other forex traders.

terminologies used in forex trading

Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and. The most common terms used in forex trading, from pip to candlestick, are important to understand before you begin your own trading career. In forex trading, if the trader believed that the GBP/USD currency pair is going to rise, and they bought that pair, they would be described as entering a long position.

The size of swap is proportional to the volume of the position and depends on the current difference of interest rates of base and"d currencies (or assets) in the interbank lending market. Therefore if you go short, you are doing the opposite, you are buying US dollars (USD) and shorting the euro (EUR which is effectively selling the EUR/USD. W Wedge The wedge refers to short-term graphical price patterns of trend continuation indicating that its direction will remain unchanged in the near future. The deposit required to open or maintain a position. T Take Profit order Take Profit is designed to close a position once the targeted profit level has been reached by setting it at a price better than the price of position opening or the price of pending order execution. A long position is when you have opened a trade and bought something. Y Yen The monetary unit of Japan). Thus, at the bid price, a trader can sell the base currency to their broker. Libid/Libor libid stands for London Interbank Bid Rate.

Short selling The concept of going long in trading is relatively straight forward.
Trading Terminology : Glossary of, forex and CFD Terms This page provides a collection of terms necessary for traders to understand the complex terminology of, forex and CFD trading.
The most commonly used trading terms, acronyms, and abbreviations are presented here explaining the core ideas and methods used by traders every day.
For learning how to trade the Ichimoku chart than application.

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