Forex report in sap ps

forex report in sap ps

object currency will displayed properly on CN41/CN41N. I know we can go to shortcut menu and find bunch of reports, however its hard to find which one is the useful one. Logistic, mE5J Purchase Requisitions for Project, shows PR at project level selection. Logistic, mE2J Purchasing Documents for Project, shows PO at project level selection.

We have an issue using STD reports in, projects system.
The problem appears if a transaction is not in a Controlling Area Currency ( in our case USD but in, local Currency - for example EUR.
If the Business have spend, for example 5000 Eur, they want to see exactly that figure in a reporting.

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Example, you can take the currency of PO in which it is raised in the system. In such a case, system automatically takes the local currency of company code. We have made every effort to make sure provide relevant search results, use the content on this site at your own risk. M is not associated with SAP. Transaction currency, in this case, the costs and revenues from different business transactions are recorded as per currency of the business transaction. Logistic, mD4C Order Report, shows Planned orders and its component 10, logistic, cN44N Planned Orders.

forex report in sap ps