Is canslim still a viable trading strategy

is canslim still a viable trading strategy

as the cup and handle pattern, which is a bullish price pattern that resembles a cup with a handle on the chart. First of all, let me clarify what were talking about here. O'Neill does not believe in value investing as he feels that stocks generally sell for what they are worth. Things become really exciting when you find that the 2nd quarter grew 20, the 3rd quarter grew by 23, and the 4th quarter grew by over. Contrary to the normal approach of studying criteria to see what results can be obtained; ONeil studied the criteria of stocks producing significant gains during the period 1970 to 1982. ONeil also trades stocks as they break out past their consolidation phases (called bases or sometimes other patterns known as pennants and flags. Thus, your winning stock has high momentum and has higher odds off outperforming over the following year. Remember to compare the same quarter period (but in separate years since some stocks are cyclical and will have high and low profit periods.

Using the canslim Stock Strategy

is canslim still a viable trading strategy

Criteria: 52-week relative strength rank versus the ftse-All Share of 80 (i.e. Laying it all out, those who have read. Keep in mind that ONeil does not simply trade price patterns. As new price highs are achieved, the stock will often make a high volume breakout.

Though, as I said, I cant recommend buying stock in this company at this moment, based on CAN slim, it is definitely one to keep an eye. O'Neil says that stocks that seem too high-priced and risky most often go even higher, while stocks that seem cheap often go even lower. Large volume price advances reveal a shortage of supply with a steady stream of buyers. However, aaii data suggests that this screen has seen.5 return versus.7 for the Samp;P 500 over the last ten years, and.2 return versus.4 since inception. Is the growth above 20 there too?

is canslim still a viable trading strategy

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